The Firm advises both individual and corporate clients and it deals with all matters relating to freehold and leasehold property such as sale agreements, acquisition of property by foreigners, property management for non residents, estate planning. We provide concrete legal advise relating to all immovable property matters. We further assist our clients with all the necessary procedures of the Land’s Department and the issuance of title deeds.

We understand that  clients need to know that their title to their future purchase has been fully investigated, they need to know that the advice they are receiving is fully independent and we offer them the highest level of professional service which embraces every aspect of the property purchase process.

In cases of necessity we further represent investors and purchasers before courts. Delays in delivery, contract and construction disputes, and delays concerning payments are some instances which may end up in court.

Our clients come from all over the world, including the EU, Russia, China and Middle East.