Our Firm are dedicated to helping people facing all types of criminal charges get fair treatment and to take all the necessary steps to ensure that the rights and freedoms of those we represent are protected. We specialise in the area of criminal law and we are often instructed to most complex and high profile cases. However, our Firm is equipped to handle all types of criminal charged, including those that may seem minor.We protect our clients and we work tirelessly to ensure desired results.We are aware of the devastation that a criminal charge brings to our clients’ lives and as a Firm we are totally committed to providing every single client the most aggressive and effective representation that we can.

Furthermore, our Firm has vast experience acting on behalf of both individuals and companies accused of, or being investigated for, fraud. We have excellent knowledge in business crime.Mrs Lavithia leads the criminal department.
We understand that in the case of criminal investigation the stakes are invariably high and an experienced lawyer can have impact on the outcome of the case  and the possible penalties involved can have a massive impact on a business or an individual.

Our Firm deals with both business and general criminal law matters:

• Asset forfeiture
• Bribery
• Corruption
• Disciplinary hearings
• Fraud
• Money laundering
• Regulatory offenses
• Tax Investigations
• White collar crime

• Traffic offenses
• Prosecutions
• Serious crime
• Crimes in relation to property
• Violent crime
• Drugs offenses
• Miscarriages of justice
More types of Criminal work that have been undertaken by our Lawyer’s include:
• Murder/ Manslaughter and Homicide
• Assaults
• Violent offences
• Organised Crime, including blackmail, bribery and corruption
• Drug trafficking and possession of drugs
• Theft
• Trade description offences
• Kidnap
• Road traffic offences
• Health and safety offences